On September 24, 2016, our friend and one of the original team members at PlaidFox, Joe McKenzie, tragically passed away at the young age of 29. Joe was a special person who was near and dear to many. His intelligence and work ethic were second-to-none and helped elevate everyone around him. More than his professional ability was Joe’s ability to relate to and befriend everyone he interacted with. You always felt important when you were with him and though he is gone now he hs left a legacy behind that will never be forgotten.

To add to his legacy, we have created the Joe McKenzie Kids Group. This group works alongside programs such as the Boys and Girls Club, Ronald McDonald House, and the BC Children’s Hospital. Giving back to those in need was always something Joe believed in and he was often the first to volunteer. We invite you to team up with the Joe McKenzie Kids Group to support these great programs and make a difference in the lives of kids everywhere.



You can help out by donating to the Childhood Cancer Fund. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the fund at BC Children's Hospital. Every amount counts and truly helps with this amazing fund.

For any donations over $20, a tax receipt is available and will be sent out by mail.

Click here to donate:


Support of the Childhood Cancer Fund enable the dedicated scientists and clinicians at BC Children's Hospital to continue to break new ground in under- standing and treating pediatric cancer. With every step taken, this research translates into life-saving therapies and improvements in the overall health and quality of life of children and young adults living with cancer, through every phase of treatment and recov- ery.

By donating to the Childhood Cancer Fund, you are helping to reduce the cost of medication and other neccessities that is required during treatment for fam- ilies. This also enables the care team at the hospital to provide education to families that need to understand a cancer diagnosis.

Overall, funding from this program allows for higher opportunities to provide excellent care to children and their families undergoing the treatment process and helps to cover costs of urgent needs that can arise at anytime.